1. Peels sound scary – is this going to irritate my skin?

The Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel is unlike the harmful glycolic chemical peels of the early nineties. Dr. Gross developed this peel to consist of a proprietary blend of five different acids- which uses glycolic only as a part because our research shows that the secret to results is a combination of both Alpha and Beta Hydroxy acids. This carefully selected formula yields both maximum benefits and it also scored the lowest on irritation tests- all of which is further enhanced by the addition of a calibrated second step.

The second step of the peel contains Genistien- which is an active ingredient found in soy extract that stimulates collagen production and diminishes collagen breakdown. It can also be very soothing to the skin and is helpful in providing that radiant after-glow, a dewy but not greasy feel to the skin.

2. Is the Alpha Beta® Peel safe to use if I have sensitive skin?

Alpha Beta® Daily Face Peel is gentle enough for the most sensitive skin types and safe for everyday use.


3. Is the Alpha Beta® Peel safe to use if I’m pregnant?

Yes, Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ products do not contain ingredients that would negatively affect a pregnancy in any way. It is also good to always wear sunscreen as melasma is very sun-sensitive. Glycolic and OTC strength Salicylic Acid are safe to use, but I advise patients not to use Salicylic Acid even at OTC strength (which maxes out at 2%) more than once a day. If you are on the fence, it is best to discuss this matter directly with your personal care physician

4. Can the Alpha Beta® Peel be used in conjunction with Retin-A®, Renova®, Differin®, Avita™ or Accutane®?

Yes. However, if you wish to exercise extreme caution, you should stop using prescription retinoic acid products for two nights prior to the initial application of the Alpha Beta® Peel (there is a small chance the combination could be irritating to certain skin). Once you have used Alpha Beta® Peel for a day or two without irritation, it is safe to resume a normal schedule of Retin-A® or other retinoic products. If dryness or irritation occurs, try alternating the use of your products.

5. Is the Alpha Beta® Peel tested on animals?

Dr. Dennis Gross Skincare™ is an animal-loving company, emphatically against animal cruelty. We do not test any of our products on animals.

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